Tri-Decathlon Delux

The Tri-Decathlon DELUX a natural cleanse and weight management program. Includes 1 Bag of Tropical Delicious, 1 bag of DetoxiPhi, 6 bags of Phi+, 3 bags of Veggie Delicious Spice, 3 bags of Fruit Delicious, and a 9 oz Hydrating Stardust.
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Nutrition Summary

Amount per Serving
*Daily Value %
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calories needs.



WholeFood Farmacy is your trusted source for premier diet and detox information, plans, meals and much more. Our Tri-Decathlon Delux is a 13-day supply of whole foods and Hydrating Stardust. The idea behind the Tri Decathlon Delux is to re-start your body's tastes, making you crave what your body actually needs, and not what additives are addicting you to certain foods.

Any successful weight loss requires a large consumption of water. Many people think this translates to liquids, which is unfortunately untrue. Your body recognizes water in 45 seconds and immediately processes it as water. Any other liquid will be processed as food by your stomach.

For help starting your success story, call us today and we can provide further information on the Tri Decathlon Delux.

Product FAQ

Does a 13-day detox diet sound a bit daunting to you? How much food should you buy? Which foods should you buy? Should you drink water or juice? Maybe a combination? The positive effects of a good detox diet are well known, but the best way to go about such a diet is still cloudy for many people.

There is no need for trepidation when you are using our Tri-Decathlon DELUX Full Body Cleanse and Weight Loss program. The Wholefood Farmacy has done all the work and planning for you. Everything you will need to detoxify your body over 13 days is all included in one kit, for one price.

The Tri-Decathlon DELUX provides a full 13-days worth of chemical free, whole foods. Included in the program are: 6 bags of Phi Plus, 3 bags of Fruit Delicious+, 3 bags of Veggie Spice, 1 bag of Tropical Delicious, 1 bag of Cleanse, and the special hydrating solution, Stardust 2 Hydr8. These foods come to your door ready to eat. No refrigeration or preparation is required. The driving concept behind the 13-day detox is a nutritional re-set of your body. Send yourself back to the clean, pure, basics -- whole foods and water.

Curious about what you will be eating? Phi Plus is an 80 per cent raw food including a mixture of over 40 different nuts, fruits, and grains in a cookie dough consistency. Wholefood Farmacy calls its Phi Plus the healthiest food in the world. It is a product designed to support and enhance your seven body systems. Fruit Delicious+ is a mixture of 12 fruits and honey nut granola. Veggie Spice is a 12 vegetable blend that tastes like chips; a spicy, crunchy, satisfying snack or meal. Tropical Delicious is a 100 per cent raw food, full of delicious tropical nuts and fruit.

The hydrating solution, Stardust 2 Hydr8 is a special mix of baking soda, stardust pure salt and sweet leaf. Stevia is growing in popularity in the US recently, but the benefits of the sweet leaf plant have been well known in other parts of the world for thousands of years. Fresh citrus juice may be added for flavor if desired.

The Wholefoods Farmacy offers a 24 hour support line for those using the Tri-Decathlon program. If at any time you have questions, simply call us and ask! The instructions for the 13-day detox diet are quite simple. Listen to your body, eat when you are hungry, and drink when you are thirsty. Start each day with a large glass of purified water and the food of your choice. Take your time, enjoy, and eat until you are satisfied. Do this again each time you feel hungry. We recommend eating every 90 minutes, and stress paying attention to your body. When your stomach feels full, stop!

Customers who have completed the 13-day detox diet have reported feeling more focused, more positive and more energetic. They finish feeling mentally sharper, enjoy naturally reducing reflux problems and are closer to their goal weight. They claim a greater sense of inner well-being, rediscovery of their hunger for fresh whole foods, more smiles and a youthful glow recaptured.

Nutrition Details

Nutrition Facts

Amount per Serving
*Daily Value %
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calories needs.
Calories 2,000 2,500
Calories per gram:

Customer Reviews

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Great food, great cleanse!
A viewer from Humble, Tx
My husband and I did this cleanse and we are both very pleased with it. We have both done a lot of different detox programs in the past but I found this to have some very powerful and positive results. The first 6 days were not fun. We both had such deep body aches all over we felt like it was in our bones. Then after about day 7 we noticed we started to feel really good. My colon has never worked so good. My husband has lost 10 lbs on this fast. The reason I only rated it 4 stars and not 5 is because even though I followed the program to the letter I only lost about 1 lb. I have about 20 lbs to lose and had really hoped to see some positive results in this area because nothing else has seemed to work. Great program nonetheless and we will definitely be consuming this food as a part of our daily diet!
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Best product to start weight loss program!
Tommy from South Carolina
By far this was the easiest product to use to jump start a weight loss program. Not only is it nutritious, it also keeps down the hunger bug and is very tasty!!
Along with exercise and following the instructions, the pounds came off!
3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no
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