Whole Food

The foods we eat are meant to give us energy, fuel our bodies and strengthen our muscles without weighing us down. Even many of today’s “healthy foods” contain and excess of sugars, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavorings and other unnecessary ingredients intended to reduce the price and enhance the taste, at the expense of good nutrition. WholeFood Farmacy doesn’t water down good, natural foods with additives; everything good is already there and tastes great in its pure form.

Phi granola snacks, packs and bars are the quintessential form of pure, natural foods. Great taste comes from creative combinations of spices, nuts, fruits and vegetables, all in a ready-to-go package you can snack on, guilt-free, at any time. Our snack mixes include roasted and dried ingredients with the perfect twist of sweet, spicy or salty natural flavorings, with no additives, oils or preservatives to dilute pure nutrition. From antioxidant rich blueberries and cherry tarts to nuts and granola loaded with protein and fiber, you can enjoy these great snacks with both peace of mind and body.

Explore our online health foods store to buy whole foods online at your convenience. If you are looking for something specific, or you have questions, give us a call or stop by, and we will be happy to assist you.

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