Welcome to WholeFood Farmacy!

WholeFood Farmacy offers an assortment of convenient meals, snacks, and personal care products made only from natural products. We specialize in organic food, whole foods, detox plans, and diets for weight loss and ideal health.

When searching for detox diet plans online, you need healthy, tasty food that’s made only from nature's best. You'll find that all our products are Non-GMO (a big no-no here at the Farm) and gluten-free (more on this below). We NEVER add preservatives or anything artificial! Many of our offerings are also organic, vegan, and/or raw. 

WholeFood Farmacy  has been striving to become an organic, gluten-free facility  over the past few months, in an attempt to offer a completely gluten-free line of products. As usual, the products taste amazing and are even healthier than they were before. Moreover, as an added benefit, all of them are locally made in the quaint, historic town of Fayetteville, Tennessee.

New Organic Products from WholeFood Farmacy

We have recently launched Granola, and yes, it is gluten-free too. Our Granola also features sprouted grains making it better for you than your average granola and a very good-for-you pantry staple that you and your family will love.

We also just launched new PHi Bars!

Our newest PHi products, Blueberry PHi Bars, are a hit, and we plan to add new flavor varieties soon! These handy snacks, made from nuts, fruits, veggies, seeds, and blueberries, are the perfect meal replacement bars. 

In closing I want to thank our existing customers for trusting us with your business. We wouldn't be here today without your loyalty to our products and your belief in our promise to offer truly healthy eating options. If you're new to WholeFood Farmacy, welcome to the Farm, we are excited to have you visit our Store and look forward to serving you.

In good health,


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